Worshipful Master

W. Bro. Graeme Forrest – Brown

W. Bro G. Forrest Brown

The Worshipful Master Bro.Graeme Forrest Brown affiliated with Lodge Eltham as a retired engineer, aged 69 of Teven on 27th November, 2009. He was, at that time, a member of Lodge St John, No. 618, of the Scottish Constitution, which operated in Hong Kong where he had been initiated on 31st January, 2005.

Since affiliating with Lodge Eltham he has been passed to the Second Degree & raised to the Third Degree during 2010 (which was carried out by Eltham Lodge on behalf of Lodge St John). Since then he has received his Clearance from his mother lodge in Hong Kong & by the Scottish Constitution. In the meantime he has attended the Eltham Lodge regularly, made a number of visits to other district lodges, such as Dunoon, Bangalow & Lismore City United as well as participating in lodge ceremonies & accepting a position as Inner Guard in August, 2010. His wife, Andrea, has supported him, in his Masonic interests, by accompanying him at various Lodge functions.

Graeme was born in New Zealand & has worked overseas (mainly in Hong Kong) for over 30 years but ‘Still calls Australia Home’ & has even learnt the Australian National Anthem.

His interest in Freemasonry may have been partly brought about by the fact that a number of his relatives were involved in the craft.

Graeme has since furthered his masonic career through the Roayal Arch Lodge of Coloon in the Tweed Masonic Center. The Royal Arch lodge meets once a month.

Graeme is also a Knights Templar and a Knight of Malta in the Scottish Right. These are some of the highest degrees to be achieved in Royal Arch masonry.